GWT Virtual Application System can centralize different applications such as ERP, OA, CRM, PDM, CAD etc and deploy on server side. The clients on different Operation System or in the Internet Explorer can safely and quickly access application remotely that made by authorization of the server, with our unique Remote Application Protocol (RAP).


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 Its main feature includes:

1. Comprehensively publish six kinds of application resources include C/S application, B/S application, content, desktop, folders and documents.

2. Provide different client access modes such as PC desktop application, iPhone/iOS, Android, or in Internet Explorer etc.

3. Provide detailed application access filter measures to ensure that users can only access the application that be authorized to use. Multiple Policies include access security, system security, load balance, alarm, password, record screen, file/device redirection.

4. Local Print and Server Print Mapping Function and intelligent printing support multiple client printers and print application model in various scenarios.

5. Log Event Management includes security, audit, alarm, session, application, online monitor, record screen, device redirection.

6. Efficient sharing server and the local folder resource.

7. Support various external equipment applications such as remote printers, local printer, disk, sound, USB interface, LPT/COM port mapping etc.

8. Provide and support a variety of remote access security and identity authentication, control the specified computer to access, comprehensive protect server security.

9. Comprehensive access security protection measures and operation event audit management.

10. Single Sign On (SSO) refers to in multiple application systems, the user only needs to log in once to access all applications of mutual trust.

11. A comprehensive backup and recovery capabilities can quickly backup and restore GWT system parameters, greatly shortening the time the user to re-install and configure the system.

12. Powerful access server farm function and resource load balancing.

13. A comprehensive backup and recovery capabilities can quickly backup and restore GWT system parameters, greatly shortening the time the user to re-install and configure the system.



Its benefit includes:

1. IT operation and maintenance value:
Improve productivity, through rapid centralized implementation, deployment and application delivery, shorten the application deployment cycle. Simplify IT resources operational methods, Publish flexible on-demand delivery application according to the business strategy. Terminal user has safe, convenient and instant access to the application.

2. IT investment value:
The centralized management of IT resources, accurate assessment of IT resources investment, maximizes the use of server computing performance, avoid wasting IT investments. Reduce client performance requirements, to extend the operating life of the equipment end of the old. Centralize application control and audit, strengthen the safety, and reduce the cost of security and complexity.

3. Management value:
All the data are stored in the data center, avoid fragmented information, to speed up the data integration, to provide comprehensive, timely decision-making basis for business, maximize the value of information.

4. Use value:
The end-user experience becomes easier, whether it is during a business trip or in the home office. You can access anytime, anywhere enterprise information system, reducing travel costs, improve work efficiency.


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